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Spiritus Ad Surgere - Let Our Spirits Soar High

Year R - Rabbit Class

During this school closure, home learning can be found for your child on their class page. Every Monday morning (by 9am) we will add the weeks home learning. The links to resources can be found within the home learning document. 

The Term 3 document below provides an overview of the topic planning. 

Teachers can be contacted via Class Dojo if you have any questions or queries regarding the home learning. You can also submit pictures of work via this app, the teacher can still award Dojo's to the children and will be selecting Stars of the Week as normal. 

Please click here to access extra phonics, reading and spelling resources.

Please click here to access links to other useful home learning resources published online.

If you are unsure of any log in details please contact the teacher through Class Dojo or email

Tips for home learning.

Children in their Reception Year learn best when they are actively involved.

 Play is very important in our curriculum and you can see from our timetable, that we have a balance of directed learning and time where children can choose how to learn. This is likely to work well for your child at home too. This term we will be extending the adult directed led learning as the children are ready for this.

 In my experience it works best for children of this age to have most adult directed learning in the morning and more child led learning in the afternoon.

Children are learning with you either one to one or in a much smaller group, than in the class, so it is likely that they will focus for between 10-15 minutes and then be ready to move on to another activity.

Each child is different so please feel that you can find the way which works for you child.

Many of our activities are practical involving lots of talking and using objects. I have added some worksheets to the home learning. However, if you are not able to print these, they can still support your child, by using them as a guide.

Outside learning.

Outside learning is very important and we spend time outside each day. A daily walk or time in a garden will provide so many opportunities for your child’s language, social and emotional development. I will include ideas for outside learning each week.

Stories and reading.

Please continue reading with your child and talking about books. The phonics lessons also have opportunities for reading. This is so important and will really support your child when we return to school.

lovemybooks is a free website where children can watch videos of books being read and there are lovely ideas for home learning about these books. is a free website with ideas and phonic books to read.