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Spiritus Ad Surgere - Let Our Spirits Soar High

Year 2 - Orca Class

Welcome to Orca Class

Here you will find out about each of the term's learning enquiries, special dates for your diary, PE days and forest school days.

The class teacher is Mr Chappell.

The teaching assistants are Mr Griffiths and Miss Potts.

           Union Jack flag   people in red and black uniform riding horses during daytime   a statue of a man riding a horse holding a spear

In term 5 we are looking at our history enquiry question 'What is a monarch?' The British Royal line is famous throughout history and the changing roles of the monarch, the special crowning ceremonies and the historical castles all around the United Kingdom tell us so much history. The concept of a King or Queen is so historical, that many famous children's stories have been written with Kings and Queens ruling over their Kingdom. this really how it works?

Throughout the enquiry, we will identify who the most recent monarchs were in our history, the current monarch in the UK and some of the roles and responsibilities they hold. We will look at the main steps in the coronation and the use of the special objects they use in the ceremony. We will travel back in time, and learn about one of the most famous monarchs, William the Conqueror, studying different sources of how he became King of England, ruling the country and keeping order. We will also look at the development of castles across the country, comparing similarities and differences between Norman-day castles. We will then finish the enquiry by comparing the current monarchy to that of the past and how it has changed.

Forest School and PE Days

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Across the school, every year group has the opportunity to take part in forest school. We are very lucky to have Mr Walsh, our forest school leader, who runs and prepares the activities for the children in this time. We will be completing this in 3 week blocks. The dates for Orca class are:

Wednesday 8th May

Wednesday 15th May

Wednesday 22th May

a forest with lots of trees and leaves on the ground

Please make sure your child brings their Forest School kit on these days to avoid disappointment. Please be prepared for the British weather and have the appropriate clothing for the day (wellies, coats, jumpers, trousers).

A row of orange soccer training cones. Players running with football balls between practice cones. Soccer training class for children players A row of orange soccer training cones. Players running with football balls between practice cones. Soccer training class for children players school sports stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Our PE days are also important and require children to bring their school PE kits. Ideally, we would like these to stay in the children's lockers, so they are available when we need them. Our PE days this term are on Thursday (outdoors) and Friday (indoors). Please can we ensure children are wearing appropriate footwear, along with their school PE clothes. 

Home Learning and Reading

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Home learning is sent home every week on Fridays and should be returned by the following Thursday.  You will find six activities in the homework book.  Your child can select one of these to complete each week. Children are also encouraged to read every day at home and receive Dojo points when they do this.

Your child should also know their Spelling Shed and TTRockstars usernames and password, so they can access these at home. If you are unsure, please let me know and I can recover these for you.

If you ever have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I am at the classroom door before and after school or, alternatively, you can email me on the Class Dojos. We use the Class Dojo page every day to provide an update of all our class learning.

Mr Chappell 

The Term 5 knowledge organiser below provides information on our learning enquiry for this term. 

Please click here to access extra phonics, reading and spelling resources.

Please click here to access links to other useful home learning resources published online.

If you are unsure of any log in details please contact the teacher through Class Dojo or email