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Spiritus Ad Surgere - Let Our Spirits Soar High


Through our Maths teaching at Pilgrims' Way we:

  • Provide rich mathematical experiences for all children regardless of prior attainment or background.
  • Develop a deep and lasting understanding of mathematical concepts and skills that are transferrable across the curriculum where necessary.
  • Develop mathematical fluency across all key stages
  • Develop a sense of purpose for maths, showing that it is evident in areas not just throughout the curriculum at PW, but also throughout children everyday lives.

We follow a mastery curriculum and use White Rose resources to support this. Knowledge is built upon from block to block and year to year. Year groups will cover the same mathematical topics such as:

place value, fractions, multiplication and division, addition and subtraction, measure, geometry

Our skills progression document ensures all teachers are teaching new content and building on what children already know.