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Spiritus Ad Surgere - Let Our Spirits Soar High


Here at Pilgrims’ Way we give every child a chance to express themselves through art. Skills are taught progressively so that there is a strong sense of development in children’s learning. Every opportunity to create cross-curricular links between subjects is encouraged to embed a love for the arts.

We have chosen KAPOW Primary as it provides a comprehensive curriculum for all our teachers, many of whom are not art specialists. We aim for all children to be proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques.

Children participate in arts initiatives and competitions locally and nationally. Our art curriculum supports creativity as an outlet for all children, of every background. Our arts subject leader has recently achieved Arts Award Advisor status, which allows our school to access nationally recognised arts qualifications for all children. They can then go on to develop these skills in other settings in and out of school.



Anna Rogers - Year 1