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Penguin & Starfish Class (Reception)

Reception have been working very hard to develop our new nature garden where we can learn all about insects and birds and find fairies and pixies. A big thanks to all the Reception teaching assistants for their help in setting up the garden. We will be making other changes to our outside area to make it even more exciting. 



Attached is our Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We follow this document to plan fun and challenging activities and lessons where children engage and explore the environment with a balance of whole class learning, small group activities and free flow play. Children engage and explore all seven areas of learning and development to work towards the Early Learning Goals. They must meet the goal within each area to achieve a 'Good Level of Development'.

Our theme this term is 'Down at the bottom of the garden...'. We are learning about our environment, the seasons, growth and change. The stories we are learning from are: Jasper's Beanstalk, Oliver's Vegetables, The Tiny Seed, Supertato, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, the life cycle of a butterfly and If Only.  We are very excited as each class will have Greengrocers and a Garden Centres for their role play, the children are looking forward to planting their own beans.  


Home Learning Challenges

We are excited to have begun our home learning challenges. All children will be given a task on Friday to complete over the weekend. We ask that these challenges are returned the following week, by Thursday latest. They will contribute to your child's home learning challenge book which they can access in class and you are welcome to come and view. Home learning challenges are a fantastic opportunity to get involved and support your child's learning. We hope you enjoy these, and we would love to see photos uploaded to Tapestry if you are able to do so.



Both classes have PE on a Thursday morning so please remember to bring in PE kits and plimsolls for this day. Please also make sure that all clothes are labelled to avoid any uniform going missing. The children are working hard to be independent when getting changed and look forward to PE each week. Any opportunity to support this at home is valuable to their growing independence.



Thank you to all those who have contributed to and uploaded observations. It is so lovely to see what you have been getting up to and the children love to talk about this with their friends. Tapestry is a valuable way of getting involved in your child's learning so if you would like any support accessing or using Tapestry then please ask your child's teacher.


Communication, Speaking and Listening

The children will be learning to extend their vocabulary and explain their thinking. These skills are essential for them to progress in reading, writing and maths. Ask your child what word of the day is! 

If you would like more information, please follow this link:

Talking Point 4-5 Years



Children will learn to love books through drama and role play. We encourage the children to look at the pictures, talk about what they can see and enjoy books in many different ways. We focus on a different book every week, look in your class window to see which book we are reading. We plan a range of activities based on this book, covering all areas of learning and development.

Please do come in and borrow a book that you can share with your child at home. Each child has a reading diary where you can make comments about your child's reading.  Children will be bringing a phonic book home and please do ask Miss A or Miss Williams about this. We have started guided reading, which the children really enjoy. They are taught to read in small group.  Later in the term Miss A and Miss Williams will be running an informal workshop about ideas to support reading and writing.  We hope you will come. 



Children enjoy a phonics session each morning in a small group. We follow the Letters and Sounds program which teaches the children to read and spell simple words. We are making good progress with Phase 3. If you would like more information on phonics, please ask your child's class teacher. Children should be secure in phase 3 by the time they go to Year One. We will be providing extra support for any children who need this in phonics. 



Young children need lots of practice and time to develop into writers. We teach children to write in a variety of ways using different materials, such as chalk, shaving foam, sand and paint. These activities support children's pencil control skills which are essential when learning to write. Please write with your child at home and we can display this on our WOW board. Children are being taught to write each day in guided writing and we provide lots of exciting writing opportunities for them to chose to write. We had some fantastic writing to the bear this week! 



Children enjoy a daily session led by a teacher or teaching assistant where we teach counting, adding, subtracting and shape. We incorporate maths into our daily routines, such as counting at snack time, counting when we line up, shape hunting in the environment and a range of practical activities.  This term we are learning the names of  all the 3d shapes, ask your child, you will be impressed with what they know! 

If you would like to play some maths games at home, this is a good website:

ICT Maths Games


Here are some photos of our Reception classrooms:


Penguin Class' carpet area                        Penguin Class' maths area


Peguin Class' writing area                         Penguin Class' reading area


Penguin Class' creative area                        Penguin Class' construction area


If you have any questions, worries or would like support in any area then please ask your child's teacher or write a note in your child's home contact book. 

Miss Annecchiarico