Pilgrim's Way

Pilgrims Way Primary
Village Acedemy

Who We Are / Staff List

Organisation of Classes , Teaching and Nursery Staff

From September 2017 the classes in our school are to be organised as follows. We have chosen to continue with our sea creatures theme.

Penguin Class (Reception)
Teacher: Miss Annecchiarico

Starfish Class (Reception)
Teacher:  Miss Annecchiarico (Team Leader)

Stingray Class (Year 1)
Teacher: Mrs Pursey

Puffin Class (Year 1)
Teacher: Miss Tombs

Seal Class (Year 2)
Teacher: Mrs Read/Mrs Williams

Octopus Class (Year 2)
Teacher: Mrs Hillier (Team Leader)

Orca Class (Year 3)
Teacher: Mrs Bawn (Team Leader)

Pufferfish Class (Year 3)
Teacher: Miss Hillary

Jellyfish Class (Year 4)
Teacher: Miss Davies

Turtle Class (Year 4)
Teacher : Mr Hillier

Shark Class (Year 5)
Teacher: Miss Venner

Seahorse Class (Year 5)
Teacher: Miss Kleebaum

Dolphin Class (Year 6)
Teacher: Miss Hager (Team Leader)

Swordfish Class (Year 6)
Teacher: Mrs Webb

Mrs Frappart

Mrs Watts

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Attwood
Miss Browne

Mrs Barnes

Miss Begum

Miss Browning
Mrs Chongbang Limbu
Mrs Cooper
Mrs Dwyer

Mrs Esson

Mrs Littlefield
Mrs Llong

Miss Mackey
Mrs Rai
Mrs Shave

Miss Walsh
Mrs Walsh (HLTA)
Mrs Wheeler


School Staff:
Headteacher: Miss Middleton
Deputy Head: Mrs Campbell
SENCO: Mrs Smith
Office Manager: Mrs Jo Bertram
Wider Opportunities Manager: Miss Sarah Kerly
Clerical Assistant: Miss Katie Wigley and Mrs Julie Hyndman
Family Liaison Officer: Mrs Helen Fennell
IT Technician:
Caretaker: Mr Lacey
Cleaner in Charge: Mrs Lorraine Harrington
After School Club Manager: Miss Sarah Kerly
After School Club Assistant: Miss Walsh, Miss Gavriilidis, Miss Wigley
Breakfast Club Supervisor: Mrs Dwyer
Breakfast Club Assistant: Mrs Cooper
Midday Meal Supervisors:  Mrs Yakha, Mrs Stuart 
Cook: Mrs Leaman
Kitchen Assistants: Miss Love, 
Cleaners: Mrs Pat Harrington, Miss Emma Anderson

Nursery Staff:
Nursery Manager:
Nursery Teacher: Mrs C Bolt

Nursery Assistants: Mrs Ninglekhu, Mrs Rutteford, Miss Bennett