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Spiritus Ad Surgere - Let Our Spirits Soar High

Year 6 - Iguana Class


Welcome to Iguana Class


Our teacher is Mrs Pursey; our T.A is Mr Dickens.

Term 5

Welcome back!

This term looks to be quite busy, with a trip to Barton Manor on Wednesday 17th April to engage in some computer games whilst having a discussion about online habits and how to stay safe when  online gaming; cricket lessons with a coach from Kent Cricket Club; SATs in week 5; tennis lessons the first three weeks, followed by Forest School the final three weeks. I am sure there will be discussions about Enrichment Week and our end of year production too!

Our history enquiry is 'Who should feature on the £10 banknote?'

This unit prepares the children for the challenges of Key stage 3 History. It gives them the historical skills of inference, extracting information from sources, evaluating historical figures and the opportunity, like historians, to decide their criteria for significance. The activities are well-suited to children entering Key Stage 3. The unit also allows the children to consider the contributions to Britain of a diverse group of people, whose experiences are less well-known.

We continue reading Frank. L. Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" and we hope to achieve some brilliant writing in English, centred around the novel.

P.E: Please note our P.E days have changed this term.

We will be learning tennis on a Tuesday afternoon for the first three weeks of term, outdoors.  In addition to this, we are lucky to have a cricket coach from Kent Cricket Club teaching on a Friday morning, also outdoors. Pupils need to wear their school uniforms and bring their P.E kit in a bag for the Tuesday lesson and arrive in their kit for the Friday lesson. Please ensure they have the correct kit, including trainers.  A reminder that earrings must be removed before P.E. 

Forest School: Just like last term, Iguana Class will not have Forest School for the first three weeks of the term. Our sessions will begin on Tuesday 7th May and continue on 14th May and 21st May. In contrast to last term, pupils need to wear their school uniform to school and bring in a change of clothes and footwear suitable for getting dirty; wellies and waterproofs for wet days; and warmer clothing for the colder weather. Thank you for your support with this.

Term 4

Wow! We're halfway through the year! Where is the time going?

This term we will be answering the Geography enquiry:

Why are mountains so important? 

 This enquiry introduced pupils to the physical and human importance of a biome that covers one-fifth of the world’s land surface. The study of mountains enabled pupils to comprehend key concepts of physical geography, such as plate tectonics and the formation of different rock types, as well as erosion and geological deep time. This developed on from prior learning of tectonic plates and rock formation in their learning of earthquakes and volcanoes. 

We finished reading "The Girl Who Speaks Bear", before moving onto non-fiction for a couple of weeks, all about Mount Everest. We also started "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by Frank. L. Baum.

Term 3

I hope 2024 proves to be a successful year for all.

This term we returned to history and sought to answer the enquiry question:

What does the census tell us about our local area?

During this enquiry, we learnt about what the census is, why it is completed and how the information can be used. We looked initially at some other areas within England to fully enhance our understanding and inference, before homing in on our local area and learnt about the Barton Court mansion inhabitants from 1851.

We continued to read "The Girl who Speaks Bear" by Sophie Anderson. The children appeared to  enjoy this text and were keen to have a chance to read the characters aloud, captivated by the plot.

Term 2

This term was a Geography focus, answering the enquiry question: 

What is a river?

During this enquiry we looked at the main physical and human features and functions of rivers and the impact that river flooding can have on local environments and communities. We had the opportunity to undertake field work on the River Stour locally, where the children were able to use nets to see what used the river as a habitat and any other items were in there: it proved to be a very clean river. They also sketched the river and surroundings and discussed the current.

We started reading "The Girl who Speaks Bear" by Sophie Anderson.


Term 1

We started the year with a history focus and looked at the enquiry:

What was the impact of World War 2 on the people of Britain?

The children have studied British history in chronological order. This built on their prior knowledge of events affecting people’s lives. They utilised the skills taught throughout their history learning and developed their understanding of the historical concepts. We will be introducing many Substantive Concepts which underpin the history enquiries over their Primary education.

Our reading text was "Letters from the Lighthouse" by Emma Carroll. This book is a work of fiction, set during World War 2. 


Reminders will be sent about Forest School and P.E on Class Dojo, as well as information shared about the learning. Any queries or questions please message me using Class Dojo.

The Term 4 knowledge organiser below provides information on our learning enquiry for this term.

Teachers can be contacted via Class Dojo if you have any questions or queries regarding the home learning. 

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If you are unsure of any log in details please contact the teacher through Class Dojo or email