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Spiritus Ad Surgere - Let Our Spirits Soar High

Nursery - Panda Class

Welcome to Panda Class, our teacher is Mrs Bolt

Term 5 Review

We had an incredibly busy Term 5 where the children really enjoyed learning about vegetables and staying healthy through sharing ‘Superato’ stories. They also found ‘Erroll’s Garden’ a very engaging book. This provided the children with lots of ideas for building and growing. Percy the Park Keeper’s- ‘One Springy Day’ allowed us to learn more about the changes of season and our world around us. This term, we will continue to develop and care for the garden and lovely plants that we are growing. We are hoping to develop a pumpkin patch and soon see some rewards from our strawberry plants.

Term 6 

This term, we will be learning all about dinosaurs. We will be talking about ‘why we can’t find real dinosaurs at a zoo’, ‘that they lived a really, really, really long time ago’ and that they were amazing creature’s. First, we will be sharing 'Harry and The Bucket full of Dinosaur’s', then, 'Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures’ as well as many other different dinosaur stories to help to engage the children in this topic.

Throughout our continuous provision, the children will have opportunities to explore, learn and play with all things dinosaurs. We will use dinosaurs to paint, mould and print with, practice our cutting skills with dinosaur pictures and shapes and learn our numbers through our new dinosaur song.

School readiness is a big focus for the children that are leaving us in July. We will be busy assessing the children’s individual needs and what support they will need as they transition across to big school. There will be lots of conversation around what big school is like, how similar it is to us and that they have the same resources as us.

We will be looking at the children’s big books with them to reflect on their amazing development and achievements throughout their time with us. We will work towards our end of year celebrations and will keep you posted via dojo and posters on the nursery door.