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Spiritus Ad Surgere - Let Our Spirits Soar High


At Pilgrims' Way, we believe that a rich Music Curriculum will have lasting benefits throughout a child's lifetime. As a result, we have worked hard to ensure that music is an integral part of our school's life, firstly through weekly class music lessons, using Kapow Music as a foundation for learning the key skills of performing, listening and composing required at primary school, and secondly through a wide variety of musical exposure throughout the year.

We invite musical visitors either for whole school performances, or for smaller workshops, ranging from choirs to ensembles to individual instrumentalists. These visitors ensure that children experience the delight and inspiration of live music delivered at an exceptional standard. The whole school also enjoys a weekly singing assembly during which children are taught singing skills, as well as correct breathing and rhythm. Throughout the year we run several musical clubs, including a choir which joins a Christmas event at Canterbury Cathedral.

We are pleased to be able to offer the whole of Year 4 Group violin lessons, which extends to Years 5 & 6 for those who show extra potential; furthermore, we are delighted to be part of a local partnership initiative, 'Sounding Out', which is run by The King's School, Canterbury and offers subsidised trumpet lessons to some Year 5 students. In addition, private instrumental lessons are offered through 'Make Time for Music' on a weekly basis through the school.