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Year 2 Octopus & Stingray

We have had a very busy but happy first term in Year 2 and look forward to all the new challenges that this year will bring. 

Our topic this term is Journeys



In English we will begin by learning about some world famous explorers, including Captain Scott, Captain Cook and Tim Peake, who went on fantastically exciting journeys of their own. In Guided Reading children will be looking at features of non-fiction texts and then trying to incorporate some of these into their own writing. They have already started to create Fact Files and diary entries!

Children will then have the opportunity to read stories, including Where the Wild Things Are, where different story characters embark on journeys. Children will create story maps and plans, create characters and settings and write their own stories. 

We will be covering a range of skills in GPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling)

* Sentence structure



*Verbs and adverbs


In Maths this term we are going to be focusing on,

*Number and place value

*Addition and subtraction

*Measurement (mass and length)

The Maths homework that we send home each week is linked directly to what your child has been taught. We hope the homework gives your child the opportunity to share their learning with you. If you would like to do any extra work at home,we would like for all children to be very secure in knowing their Number Bonds to 20!


Our topic in Geography this term is What a Wonderful World!

Children have enjoyed looking at maps and have learnt a song to help them to name and locate the seven continents and five oceans.  We will learn about how the climate around the world changes and learn about animals that are able to live in extreme climates such as the Antarctic and the rainforest.

History will be taught next term.


In Year 2 all homework will be set on a Friday. Children are expected to return their homework book the following Thursday. Children will have Phonics/Spelling homework and a piece of maths linked to the weeks learning.

All children have a reading book and are expected to read, to an adult, for at least 10 minutes each evening. When your child's book needs changing they need to put it into the allocated box in their classroom. We would ask that children read the book reasonably fluently and are able to talk about what they have read confidently before it is changed.

Class Dojo

Children at Pilgrims Way are very excited by our new, whole school reward system! In class children are able to earn themselves Dojo points, the children are able to accumulate points over the course of a week. In Key Stage 1 each week the children will start from zero to give them a fresh chance at earning the most class Dojo points. We hope that the children will be excited to tell you all about this.


All children should have their full P.E kit in school at all times. P.E kit should be clearly labelled with your child's name.

If you are unsure about the kit that your child needs, please click on the link below.


P.E Days



Forest School


The children are very excited to have the opportunity to spend time in our Forest School. In order for children to have the full, muddy Forest School experience, please ensure they have appropriate, old, waterproof clothing.

Forest School Days

Octopus-Monday (Term 1)

Stingray-Monday (Term 2)


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and we look forward to the new school year ahead.

Mrs Hillier

Miss Steere and Mrs Read