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General information

Telephone: 01227 471752 
Email: nursery@pilgrims-way.kent.sch.uk

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First Steps Day Nursery staff have a duty of care and responsibility to promote the welfare and safeguard the children in our care. We are in a unique position to observe any changes in a child’s behaviour and appearance. If we have any reason to suspect that a child in our care is suffering any type of abuse we have a duty of care to take action on behalf of the child by following our child protection policy. We understand how important partnership with parents/carers is and how it plays a big role in the policy with regards to making sure the parents understand our nursery’s responsibility for safeguarding and child protection. This also includes working with other agencies to help and support children in our care.

Meals and snacks
Most children would have had their breakfast before coming into nursery, however for those children who are in nursery between8-8.30amthey are able to bring in their choice of breakfast for us to prepare and serve to them.

In the morning and the afternoon we provide a healthy snack of fruit or vegetables with a choice of either milk or water. Snack is offered as rolling snack giving the children the opportunity when they are ready, alongside other activities taking place.

Dinners and puddings are prepared fresh in the school kitchen and brought over to the nursery where the children sit in their key groups and are able to self serve while experiencing good social skills.

We also provide a light tea for those children who are here after4pmwhich consists of a main and a pudding.

Nappy changes and toileting
All children where possible should be changed or taken to the toilet by their key person and in the absence of their key person it is the responsibility of the second key person. Each nappy change should offer opportunities for learning and interaction between the child and the key person, as well as being tailored to suit the needs of the child and should not be rushed.

Key Person
Before your child starts at the nursery they will be given a first and second key person. The key person is a very important role in helping the child to feel comfortable, confident and ready to learn. The key person is a familiar adult in the setting to which the child care turn to for support especially when upset or unsettled, the key person should be someone who knows them and how to respond to them in a way that makes them feel safe, secure and cared for. The key person is not only their for their key children this relationship extends to their parents/carers, so if a parent/carer had a concern or family issue that may effect their child, that they feel confident in talking to the key person and in their ability to act upon it appropriately.

Rest and sleep
Here at First Steps we are committed to promoting the wellbeing of the children in our care and believe that it is important to provide space and time for those children who would like or need rest or sleep to do so.

When a child first starts at the nursery we ask the parent/carer to fill out a sleep routine sheet which informs us of their child’s sleep needs, time, and special arrangements required for sleep to help the key person provide the right environment and encouragement to help their child to rest or sleep during their nursery day. We ask the parent to update this information as and when there is a change in their child’s sleep routine.

A bed will be provided in a quiet, cosy area and their key person will encourage them to have a rest/sleep in they way or routine to what they are familiar with i.e. with a story, teddy, dummy, song etc. Making this time unique to the child, while making them feel safe and secure.