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Year R Penguin & Starfish

Welcome to Reception! We look forward to working closely with you to ensure your  children have a fantastic start to school. Miss Annecciarico is the EYFS Leader and the class teacher in Starfish Class. Miss Walsh is the teaching assistant in this class. In Penguin Class, Miss Williams is the teacher and Miss Browning is the teaching assistant. We all work closely together, so please feel free to talk to any of us.

We are lucky to have an exciting outside area which we are continually developing with your children. We also work hard to provide an interesting learning environment inside and children can flow between the two throughout the day.

In Reception, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The children learn through play and hands on experiences. We also teach reading, writing and maths in small groups. Later on the year we will be running workshops on these areas and we hope that you will join us to support your children's learning. Children are working towards achieving the Early Learning Goals by the end of Reception. We will be sharing with you how your children are progressing and ways you can support this at home. 


Communication, Speaking and Listening

The children will be learning to extend their vocabulary and explain their thinking. These skills are essential for them to progress in reading, writing and maths. Ask your child what word of the day is! 

If you would like more information, please follow this link:

Talking Point 4-5 Years



Children will learn to love books through drama and role play. We encourage the children to look at the pictures, talk about what they can see and enjoy books in many different ways. We focus on a different book every week, look in your class window to see which book we are reading. We plan a range of activities based on this book, covering all areas of learning and development.

Please do come in and borrow a book that you can share with your child at home. Each child has a reading diary where you can make comments about your child's reading.



Children enjoy a phonics session each morning in a small group. We follow the Letters and Sounds programme which teaches the children to read and spell simple words. We are making good progress with Phase 2. If you would like more information on phonics, please ask your child's class teacher.



Young children need lots of practice and time to develop into writers. We teach children to write in a variety of ways using different materials, such as chalk, shaving foam, sand and paint. These activities support children's pencil control skills which are essential when learning to write. 



Children enjoy a daily session led by a teacher or teaching assistant where we teach counting, adding, subtracting and shape. We encorporate maths into our daily routines, such as counting at snack time, counting when we line up, shape hunting in the envinronment and a range of practical activities. 

If you would like to play some maths games at home, this is a good website:

ICT Maths Games

Miss Annecciarico and Miss Williams