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Welcome back to a really exciting and colourful new term in Clownfish Class.

We are going to start of the term by learning all about festivals and how they are celebrated around the world. By exploring different cultures and customs we will continue to think about how we are all unique and make links to the wider world.

Throughout each of the topics we will provide rich, exciting learning opportunities for the children through a mix of adult led and child initiated play and learning experiences.

In nursery the learning environment is an essential part of our teaching, we will continue to develop it with the children as their interests develop and change. Each of our activities will be linked to one, or more of the seven areas of learning.

Children’s learning and development will be logged on to ‘Tapestry’ for you to share with your child. It is so exciting for them when they can show us what they have been up to at home so please do add your photos and home links to your child’s ‘Tapestry’ account.

As ever, the children’s own interests inform our planning so we may spend longer on one of these topics than another. We post a ‘Weekly Learning Intention’ on the nursery door to inform you of the most current learning taking place.


Week 1: Chinese New Year and Dancing Dragons.

Chinese Dragon

We will be finding out why people celebrate Chinese New Year, about various Chinese foods, have a go at making a noodle dish and may learn to count to 10 in Chinese. We will also explore mark making, develop our fine motor skills using rice and chop sticks and may create junk model dragons. Whilst developing our ICT skills we will find out about Chinese New Year celebration songs and dances and learn a dance ready to perform our own Dragon dance.


Week 2: Mardi GrasCarnival Crazy!

Mardi Gras


Thinking about the Christian festival Mardi Gras we will learn about what Lent means and why people celebrate it. Finding out why people make pancakes and trying to make our own will help us think about our favourite foods and what it would be like to give them up. Providing them with a wide range of materials we hope the children design and create some wonderful garlands, masks, music shakers and trinkets. Thinking about what the special colours of Mardi Gras mean we will try to pay particular attention to these colours in our art work and creative stations. We may also make some floats and carnivals and learn lots of songs to sing at our own carnival parade.


Week 3: Holi - The Festival of colours


 A colourful week ahead in Clownfish class this week as we find out all about the Hindu festival of Holi. Taking full advantage of as many opportunities to explore colours as possible, we will be colour mixing and observing changes of state. Then, really getting our hands dirty (and probably our feet as well) we hope to create our own Holi festival elephant using our whole bodies to paint with. (Don’t worry we have overalls). Please send your children to nursery in old clothes this week so that it doesn’t matter if they do get a bit messy.

Week 4: Jack and the Bean stalk

Jack and the Beanstalk 

We are also really excited about developing the nursery garden and outside area for us to enjoy. This week, using the story of Jack and the Beanstalk as a springboard for our learning we hope to find out how to plant, care for and grow a wide range of seeds and plants. Conducting lots of experiments with light and shade will help us to find out what happens to plants if we do not care for them properly. Comparing, counting and sorting various seeds including our sunflower seeds from the school garden last year will help us to recognise similarities and difference.


Week 5: Jaspers Bean stalk

 Jasper's Beanstalk

Reading the story Jaspers Beanstalk we will continue thinking about how to care for our seeds. Monitoring, documenting and caring for our plants will help us make sure we provide what they need to grow big and strong just like us. Reading this story will help us continue to learn the days of the week and develop our sequencing skills. Preparing our raised beds and soil planters will strengthen our gross motor skills too.


Week 6: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

 Hungry Caterpillar

This week we will begin to think about what else might be growing in our garden........We will share the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and find out what happens to him after eating lots of food. Thinking about growth and healthy eating we will really think and talk about ways to keep ourselves healthy by tasting lots of different delicious foods. By exploring the nursery garden and going on a bug hunt we hope to find our own bugs to look at in detail using our magnifying glasses and bug hotels.


With such a busy term ahead we can’t wait to get started. See you soon.

Mrs Bolt and the Clownfish team.